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If Grammy Awards were being handed out for being unprepared, Ciara would win by a landslide against almost any artist out.

In a move that no one saw coming, Ciara has changed the name of her upcoming album from One Woman Army to the self titled, Ciara. In addition to this, she’s also pushed the album back…again.

While originally slated to drop on June 4th, the album has been pushed back to July 9th. This is following several release dates changes, which date all the way back to the summer of 2012.

“I started working on this record more than a year ago, and since then, I have found my creative clarity on the direction I wanted to go in,” said Ciara in a press release. “It was almost a whole surge of fresh energy, and I pushed myself to be even more creative. I’m more open to change. I’m learning so much of about myself, and I’ve become really comfortable and free. This album goes beyond my music. This time it’s about taking a new journey with me.”

“In the past, I’ve masked my emotions,” she said. “Now I’m embracing them. I’m running towards my fears and the things that would usually make me uncomfortable—I’m in tune with what’s happening to me, and I’m not afraid of expressing myself.”

Girl…bye. I don’t know what exactly is happening behind the scenes in Ciara land, but I think it’s safe to say that no one really cares anymore. The new lead single ‘Body Party‘ is my current jam, but outside of that, I don’t care about this album. The release has been so messed up with so many false starts that only Ciara’s die hard fans and I don’t know who they are will care about it. Not to mention the fact that while Ciara is talking about how deep and personal this album is going to be, none of the singles or buzz singles have been deeper than a cup of coffee.

Take a look at the track listing below:




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